Peter and Renée Overbosch

Nature photography       

Welcome to our website

This website is for our family and friends, with a "Brieven" page - the only part that is in Dutch.

It is  for everybody who might be interested in our nature photography, and it is for ourselves to continually learn and hone new skills.

Content will be updated as it becomes available, and those on the "Brieven" list will receive notification when a new "Brief"  (this page is password protected) has come out.


Peter and Renée

A Speckled Hummingbird, 2022, Ecuador

Click the pic to see some more pics from our Ecuador trip.

Good intentions

Future developments will include new pics from new trips, which may include focus stacked macro and/or landscape photography, HDR pics, 360 panoramas and combinations of the above.

We have started introducing these techniques since the 2014 New Zealand trip, but the learning curve continues.