Our backyard - in various locations


We greatly enjoyed the wildlife in our backyard in the various locations we lived. Some pics we took are on this page. Chester (NJ, USA) offered the greatest variety - with bear, bobcat, coyote, wild turkey, possum, deer,  fox, pileated woodpecker, hummingbird (alas, no pictures) and some species that did allow themselves to be photographed. Arget (near Munich, Bavaria) had less variety to offer, but then Bavaria may not be "wild" enough for most animals to find a comfortable habitat. Angermund (near Düsseldorf) looked more urban than Arget, but birds and small animals found more old trees and hiding & breeding places available to them.

Apart from the different species in different countries, the pictures illustrate how our photography evolved over the years. Looking back at the Chester (NJ) pics, we find that they don't always have the sharpness we expected - probably partly because we have learned something over the years, but mostly because the technology of camerabodies and lenses has improved markedly.

Not all pictures are therefore of a standard the we would now consider for a "trip report", but they do represent fond memories and we appreciate them as such.

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