Ecuador- October 2022
In October 2022 we made a 3-week trip to Ecuador, guided by Ralph Panonessa (his website is here). Starting from the San Jose de Puembo hotel near Quito, we visited a number of lodges: Tandayapa, Guango, Birdwatchers House, Yanacocha and - briefly - Tambo Condor and Bellavista, all in the Andes region of Ecuador. Some 360 panoramas of the lodges can be seen: Tandayapa inside HERE and outside HERE, Guango inside HERE and outside HERE.

Being located at different elevations, we saw different birds and flora in all locations.
The emphasis was on hummingbirds, using a special flash technique as set up and instructed by Ralph. The H-birds turned up in great numbers and many-coloured species.
Apart from the H-birds there were many other opportunities to take pictures of Toucans, Torrent Ducks, Caracaras and a multitude of Tanagers, Antpittas and many other birds, even including Condors (although mostly far away and at really a bit too high for great pics).
An absolute wealth of birds, beatiful landscapes, comfortable lodges, a friendly group of photograhers and mostly very agreeable weather. We came home with great memories and a ton of pictures, of which you can see some here on this website.



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