Suriname - 2024

In February 2024 we made a trip to Suriname with NatureTalks, partly to escape the inclement Dutch weather and enjoy some sunshine, but mostly to see and photograph Suriname's wonderful wildlife. We were not disappointed.
The trip started out at the quiet and very enjoyable Sutopia Resort (see pano's of the resorts under "Lodges, Landscapes and Paramaribo"), at walking distance from the nature reserve "Peperpot", providing great photo opportunities - birds, insects, reptiles, monkeys.  At the resort itself, our guide Dick kept some snakes for his "Snake Patrol Foundation" and on the day after our arrival he managed to capture and relocate a 4.5 meter/almost 40 kilogram Anaconda - a rare event that we were thrilled to witness and photograph,

Sutopia was also the starting point for day-trips to Paramaribo to see the city and its colourful markets, and to Braamspunt, to see the sea turtles laying their eggs at night. We didn't see any turtles - it was a bit early in the season - but the river-dolphins and the birdlife along the mangrove coast and around the small fishing vessels made again for great photo opportunuties.

From there, we went to Fredberg base camp, a great starting place for discovering the beautiful Crimson Topaz, the spectacular Cock-of-the-Rock and various other birds, butterfies and colourful snakes.
The third resort we visited, Kabalebo, deep in the forest and only reachable by plane, provided photo opportunities from a boat in the Kabalebo river. Giant otters, Caiman, Toucan, the mighty Harpy Eagle and Giant Otters, among many other (water) animals and birds.

A selection of our pics from this trip can be viewed on and through this page and our thanks go out to the people who helped make our trip a wonderful experience, our companions on this trip: Marion, Martin and Mathijs, and a special thanks to our knowledgeable and tireless guide Dick
and gracious Sutopia host Lieke.