Peter and Renée Overbosch

Nature photography       

About us

We lived most of our lives in the Netherlands, before moving to the US in '98, and from there to Germany in 2003.

In 2008 we moved again, from the area around Munich to the vicinity of Düsseldorf, trading the mountains for the Rhine. Moving every 5 years is somewhat of a hassle but it keeps you lean and clean and we have found it to be refreshing and rewarding.

Since October 2015 we are back in Holland, retired and trying to fit back in after 17 years abroad.

Every location provided its own wildlife observation and photography opportunities, and some of the results can be seen  on this site.


Winter 2021, near the town of Anna Paulowna.

Does it get any more Dutch than this?


Only photography?

Well, no. There are certainly other things in life, like pingpong, biking and skating (we are Dutch after all), music, books, fine wines and other topics that can easily fill multiple websites.    Not this one.           Apart from the "good intentions" mentioned on our home page, this is about our pictures and the "Brieven".