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Latest News, December 2022

In October we made a trip to Ecuador. We made a ton of pictures and sorting them out took a while. It is ready now and you will find the report under the Photo Gallery. The trip was mostly about Humminbirds, using special flash techniques under Ralph Paonessa's knowledgeable and enjoyable leadership.  Below a first pic - made in a more conventional way. Hummingbirds are beautiful and not shy, but very territorial and aggressive among themselves. 

Peter & Renée

A Little Planet (for Social Distancing)

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What's the plan?

Plans to visit Spain are being postponed to 2023.

Below a 360 pano of the castle and bull of Schagen, taken on a night out with the Schagen photo club. Click the pic.

Schagen by evening

360 Panorama

Another evening pic of the Schagen square, in pre-Corona days.

Garden in June 2022,

360 Panorama