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Latest News, February 2024

With the Schagen Photoclub we visited the island of Texel in 2023, and the amusing and interesting "Beachcombers museum" (Juttersmuseum), which offeren a wonderful opportunity for a very colourful 360 panorama.

In July 2023 our photoclub visited an old navy fort in Den Helder - Fort Harssens. View the page.

In February 2024 we made a trip to Suriname. We made a ton of pictures and we are still sorting them out. Once we are  ready you will find the report under the Photo Gallery. Below a first pic and a unique one - the only bird on the planet with 2 left eyes (not really, if you look more closely you will see that there are actually 2 birds). We made 360 panoramas of the lodges Sutopia (Pano 1 and Pano 2), Fredberg (Pano 1 and Pano 2) and Kabalebo.

Our local newssite "" published this pic from our Iceland trip 2022, as part of their covergae of Photoclub Schagen's fall 2023 exhibition at the "Magnushof".


A Little Planet (for Social Distancing)

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What's the plan?

This year - 2024 - we plan a trip to France's Burgundy area for small birds and butterflies.

360 Panoramas

360 panos are scattered throughout the photo gallery, but most of them are collected on a separate page and a few are linked below.

Pano Schagen by evening

Pano Schagen without people, cars, bicycles

Pano The beachcombers ("jutters") museum on the island of Texel

Another evening pic of the Schagen square, in pre-Corona days.

Garden in June 2022,

360 Panorama