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Latest News, May 2020

A pair of kestrels was nesting in our front yard, early 2019. Some pics can be seen here. We fully expected them to raise young that year, but for reasons unfathomable to us, they disappeared.  From one day to the other they were gone, but this year they have returned. This year we have installed a little camera in the nesting box to monitor developments. Below a pic of the female with the first hatched chick.

There are 2 more eggs, so we'll update this page when there's news.

Peter & Renée

A Little Planet (for Social Distancing)

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What's the plan?

No concrete plans for now, the virus keeps us at home. An existing plan for an Ecuador trip has been postponed to 2021 (we hope) and we are seriously thinking of Spain (again) in 2021. The combination of great bird photography opportunities, the climate (at the right time of year), the food/wine and an opportunity for Renee to exercise her Spanish is almost irresistable.

Below a 360 pano of the castle and bull of Schagen, taken on a night out with the photo club. Click the pic.

Schagen by evening

360 Panorama

Another evening pic of the Schagen square, in pre-Corona days.

Garden in May 2020,

360 Panorama