Peter and Renée Overbosch

Nature photography       


We started out with the Minolta SRT101 analog camera, took B&W pictures and developed them in a chemical darkroom.

Late 90's we changed over to Canon EOS and autofocus, analog at first but now exclusively digital.

Current equipment includes Canon R5 and R6 cameras with various lenses, including Canon R100-500, EF 300/F2.8 and EF 800/F5.6, supported by Gitzo tripods with EKI and Wimberley heads.

Pictures were shot in RAW and have been converted in Photoshop or Lightroom.


Our Subjects

Birds and other animals were photographed in the wild, with a few exceptions (indicated).

360 Panoramas

Some 360 panoramas are found here. At present they relate to our 2014 New Zealand trip, our 2016 Boa Vista trip and the Chile and Falklands trip, 2017. Panos from our Gambia trip are linked on the Gambia page itself.